BS3 weppy extension

weppy-BS3 provides Bootstrap3 integration for weppy. The extension will add the style for forms and some frontend utilities like:


You can install weppy-BS3 using pip:

pip install weppy-BS3

And add it to your weppy application:

from weppy_bs3 import BS3


Then you will need to add the include_bs3 lexer in the head part of your template, for example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="{{=current.request.language or 'en'}}">
        <meta charset="utf-8" />


and you're ready to go.


weppy-BS3 has these configuration options:

parameter default value description
set_as_default_style True set the default style for forms to the bootstrap3 one
static_folder 'bs3' the foldername inside the application's static one to store bootstrap files
date_format "DD/MM/YYYY" the format for date fields in forms
time_format "HH:mm:ss" the format for time fields in forms
datetime_format "DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss" the format for datetime fields in forms
time_pickseconds True to pick seconds in time and datetime fields
icon_time 'fa fa-clock-o' css class for the icon to use for time fields
icon_date 'fa fa-calendar' css class for the icon to use for date fields
icon_up 'fa fa-arrow-up' css class for the icon for the up arrow in the date/time picker
icon_down 'fa fa-arrow-down' css class for the icon for the down arrow in the date/time picker

You can set them in the common way for weppy extensions:

app.config.BS3.set_as_default_style = False

When you set configuration values for the extension, ensure to do that before adding the extension to your application.

Suggested .gitignore

If you're using git version control system for your application, you'd better add the bs3 folder to your .gitignore file:


and if you're using a package pattern:


coded by Giovanni Barillari

version: 0.6
license: BSD